Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Hi all!

Thought I'd share with you a vlog I made the other week. Please like, share and comment please.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dearest All

To all Princes', Princesses, Rosebuds and flower petals,

Thank you for visiting me.  I have seen many of you come and visit me in carriages that move with you using a button or kings and queens helping by wheeling you.

Some of you, according to Belle have walking aids to help you. Some of you may have things that I cannot see, that you know and see. But know this, each of you my roses are special and unique.  Listen to me, never let others say different and you are never alone. Not ever.

I have friends from other kingdoms, even Ariels twin, who helps me on long trips. Even if its just holding my arm, well Charming cant always come. I also use a wheeling carriage like some of you if I have to travel to a far kingdom.

Darlings you are special. Hope is a powerful spell, use it! There are things that even I cannot do, but I do not let it stop me. I find things that I can do instead. Everyone of you has your own personal wishing well inside of you. It's up yo you. Dreams don't have to die just because you think you're different or not conforming to people's ideas of what it should be.

Illness and disability do not define who you are or who you will become in the future. It is up to you to see the light on the darkest of days. Maybe that is only just waking up on that day. Make that a good day for you.

Your kings and queens can help. Speak to them, tell them your dreams. Even Doc told me doctors can help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Your dreams can still be achieved.

My friends and I may look perfect but each of us has something we don't like or restrict us.

Ariel likes swimming but finds her fin restricting, so she is learning with her legs.

Aurora has a condition that makes her sleep, and not just a spinning wheel.

Cinderella liked her cleaning but she has Gus and Lucifer to help her now.

Belle tries not to be vain and see the best in everyone, yes even Gaston.

Jasmine helped her Kingdom see past Aladdin's appearance.

Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida showed how you can be independent and not always need a prince, though sometimes true love found its way to them.

Even sisters, Elsa and Anna showed that true love doesn't mean a man, but love for each other and for yourself.

With your own battles you can be just like us. 

Don't tell yourself you can not, because even if it isn't exactly like you expect, you are still the person you are meant to be and doing what you are meant to do. I know some of you have had friends leave to kingdoms in the sky, and a lot of times it isn't their choice, they are still with you, helping you slay your inner dragons.

They are your bluebirds on your shoulders.

Darlings keep being you, not matter what your outter appearance may be. I love meeting each of you, as you give back to me the love and the magic I give you.
My love

Monday, 17 November 2014

Thank you Singing in The Rain The Musical

I would like to say everyone should see Singing In The Rain the musical. I had the pleasure of seeing this show earlier in the year.

The lighting, staging, orchestration and set made you feel you had been transported back in time. Gene Kelly would have approved. And the rain! It has to be seen to be believed. Sit in the front row; it’s the best way to get the full effect!

The musical has remained faithful to the movie, while giving the audience a fresh taste of a classic. I grew up watching this film and I was worried all my favourite scenes and musical numbers wouldn't be included, yet they were. They were so much better live!

One favourite has always been Moses Supposes. I had marvelled watching this on film, wondered could it be done live. For me it outshone the film. The singing while tap dancing and comic timing looked so effortless, I am very sure it was a lot of hard work. It brought the house down!

Stephane Anelli made me and the audience go wild at the speed and precision of his dancing. I am sure Donald O Connor had magically come back on stage for Make Em Laugh.

I saw two different actors play Don Lockwood. James Leece and Matthew Malthouse. The ability of both these gents to play the same character, yet make it their own was an honour to watch.

Amy Ellen Richardson I was spellbound by. She sang, danced, made you laugh, and want to cry for her character of Kathy. There was realness to her, Amy’s Kathy felt like someone everyone in the audience would know or have known at some time their lives.

A thank you to each of the dancer/singers who added to the Hollywood magic.
The extra song for Lina was a memorable scene played by Vicky Bins. It brought out a side of her character that you don't see on film. Paul Grunert had me laughing in my seat as the frustrated film director. Jacqueline Clarke got some great lines also.

I have to admit when I heard about this musical I did think that Hollywood actor and theatre star Maxwell Caulfield would have been playing Don. I am very glad he was given the part of R.F. Simpson the studio boss also his character is fleshed out more on stage. I saw this show four times and every time, I was sure R.F. would sing his song in full. Thank you sir for the kindness at the stage door, also the surprise you sent me from Southampton. It was very kind of you.

Thank you to Mr SITRBAND man :) it was nice to put a face to the name. If you are in Tokyo please watch this show.

Thank you all cast, crew, backstage and wardrobe for making this show one that I will remember for a very long time.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Last night I watched Hairspray the musical, which is touring at he moment.  Over the years I have seen the show roughly four times. While that's not that many, it's a lot for me. 

I was dancing at the end.  

It was interesting to see different actors to take on some of my favourite characters. Now the times I've seen it, I've seen Michael Ball play Edna. This time Mark Benton took on the role. He added his own style to the role, for me though you knew it was him in the costume. The first time I saw Michael Ball as Edna, I had to keep looking and people round me were asking 'Is that him?'  

The two other names in this show were Marcus Collins and Lucy Benjamin.  Now Marcus I knew was a talent show singer. But let me tell you this, his future is in musical theatre, his voice blew the house down.  Lucy Benjamin I only knew as an a actress. The lady can act, sing, dance and has amazing comic timing.

Hairspray you can't fault. It has the feel of the 60s with a touch of technicolor. The entire company sing and dance their hearts out right to the encore. And you can't stop dancing. And I did.  It does cover all issues, race, weight and feeling like the outsider. But the message for me, is look on the inside and not the outside. And try to see past people's differences.

I enjoyed it so much I'm going back again.  

Everyone should see the stage musical!!

You Can't Stop The Beat!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

One Man Two Guvnors

Last week I saw One Man Two Guvnors. Which is based on One Servant Two Masters.

If you go in early there is a nice surprise on stage. Thanks to Michelle for letting me know in time.

It is a comedy, that, to me, harks back to films like Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello. That's just for the sheer amount physical comedy going on. I'm sure there are some bruises after each show.

The jokes are silly, good humoured type jokes. I never noticed any rude or offencive jokes, the show doesn't really give you time to breathe from one joke to the next.

Rufus Hound makes a great lead as Frances Henshall. A man hired as muscle for a local gangster, yet while he is sorting lodgings for his boss, another man asks him to work for him.  Yet poor Frances gets confused very easily and a lot of things start to wrong.

I'm glad I didn't know much about Rufus Hound as it helped to believe in his character. There are only sixteen main characters who double up on characters so seamlessly you don't even notice.

I did feel for the first two rows of the audience, as they became part of the show, the whole auditorium at times were in on the action.

I have never been in a theatre, where at the interval everyone is grinning or giggling as you pass them. It is such an upbeat atmosphere. I'm over the moon I got to see it.

Bring tissues. Glad I did. I laughed so hard that tears streamed down my face, also waterproof eyeliner. I looked a bit like a panda. But I wasn't the only one!

To go into detail would actually spoil it. I can think of a few scenes. Me being the chatterbox that I am, some people actually said they had been told of scenes and it spoiled some of the experience for them.

The clips on Youtube don't do the show justice, doesn't capture the magic of live theatre. It looks flat on Youtube.

So if it comes to you check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Health warning. May cause laughing!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Legally Blonde the musical

Last night I went to see Legally Blonde the musical. It was amazing! The cast were phenomenal, I mean to single anyone out would be wrong. I do have to say the actress playing Elle(Faye Brookes) had the Reese Whitherspoon look to a tee. Her voice was a treat to listen to. Being a touring cast, a lot of the actors had to play two and three different roles. The energy never faded if anything, it got even more upbeat. You can not sit still in your seat, you want to dance and sing, even if you don't know the lyrics! The dogs get the biggest round of applause when they take their run on. If you're a fan of Smash, The actor who plays Tom was in the broadway version as Emmett alongside Laura Bell Bundy. The show recieved a standing ovation and you can see why. I was up before everyone. You really can't find any fault, my face ached from smiling so much. Especially at the Riverdance scene! So this wannabe Elle says go find out where and when it's on and I promise you will not be disappointed "Just let me be Legally Blonde."

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hi all

I know I haven't posted in a while, hopefully in the coming weeks and months that will change.  Just letting you know I'm still going to keep this up.

Take care for now